Encore Music Tuition is a well-established and collaborative team of experienced piano teachers based in SW London, providing piano lessons and theory tuition in the area affectionately dubbed 'between the Commons'.

Established by Liz Giannopoulos in 2009, the practice has developed to become a valued and respected centre of excellent teaching which aims to improve and maintain the quality of piano lessons available to students in the local community.

Piano Lessons in Battersea - Liz Giannopoulos | Encore Music Tuition

"Encore Music Tutors share ideas and experiences, so every teacher is able to draw on a rich and  varied repertoire of musical teaching strategies and resources. This allows us to tailor a personalised, explorative journey for each individual within a structured and progressive curriculum."


a comprehensive and creative framework for teaching musicianship and the piano

performance opportunities
in a variety of settings 

one to one coaching for teachers and consulting for music education professionals

working together,
sharing ideas and experiences to enrich our teaching