Coaching and Mentoring

Director, Liz Giannopoulos provides one to one coaching for delivering effective piano lessons, tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual teacher and delivered through a combination of email, telephone calls and video-calls.

During an initial consultation, key objectives will be identified and a mentoring plan proposed and agreed. Thereafter, regular mentoring sessions will include feedback, guidance, suggestions, recommended resources, further reading advice and much more.

Throughout the mentoring process, tutors are encouraged to think creatively and develop their own ideas about piano lessons, thus nurturing self-belief and confidence.

As a newbie to piano teaching back in 2014, Liz was everything I could have hoped for in a mentor. Liz’s background knowledge in teaching materials is vast, and her experience of teaching children of all ages really shone through whenever I came across any ‘speed bumps’ that inevitably showed up on my learning path.  It really is a supportive, creative and exciting place to be as a piano teacher.


Sarah Pike



As a learner, I get lots of valuable advice and tips from Liz about teaching strategies, repertoire and pedagogical methods in general. As a person, I always feel supported by Liz, who has advised me when I was uncertain and encouraged me to develop my teaching.


Sandra Ramal


Piano Lessons in Battersea - Liz Giannopoulos | Encore Music Tuition

Liz Giannopoulos provides expert advice within the music education sector including:

  • Syllabus Consultant:

    • ABRSM Piano Syllabus 2019-20

    • ABRSM Initial Grade Piano

  • Professional Consultant

    • The Curious Piano Teachers​

    • Casio Music UK

    • Anthea Turner's Hot Topics for London Live

  • Guest Speaker:

    • ABRSM Teacher Conference

    • webinar for The Curious Piano Teachers​

    • The Music and Drama Education Expo, London

    • Casio Grand Hybrid Teacher Day