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Director, Liz Giannopoulos provides one to one coaching for delivering effective piano lessons, tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual teacher and delivered through a combination of email, telephone calls and video-calls.​​

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During an initial consultation, key objectives will be identified and a mentoring plan proposed and agreed. Thereafter, regular mentoring sessions will include feedback, guidance, suggestions, recommended resources, further reading advice and much more. Throughout the mentoring process, teachers are encouraged to think creatively and develop their own ideas about piano lessons, thus nurturing self-belief and confidence.

"As someone new to teaching piano, it is very easy to become overwhelmed with the vast amounts of information and guidance available. Everywhere you look, there will be someone suggesting you try out a particular method, technique or approach, and that’s before you even get started on choosing the right repertoire from the vast choices available that we have as pianists. 

Having Liz as my mentor has provided me with the tools to not only navigate through all of this, but also provide me with the confidence to choose to do things in a way that works for me and my students. I am now comfortable with the fact that I don’t have to do everything, and what works well for some may not work well for me.  

As well as providing guidance for situational challenges, Liz provided a powerful development framework that focused on areas such as planning, lesson structure, lesson observations, levelling, repertoire choices, and much more.  Liz has the ability to make you feel comfortable in coming up with your own solutions to challenges, with her offering guidance and suggestions where appropriate. She is also always open to discovering new ways of doing things herself, taking suggestions from me regarding methods and repertoire I had experimented with.

I would happily recommend these types of mentoring sessions with Liz for any new or developing piano teacher."

CS, piano teacher

Liz Giannopoulos with piano coaches


Liz Giannopoulos consults within the music education sector. Clients include ABRSM, Casio Music UK, EVC Music and EPTA UK. In addition to presenting at the Music and Drama Education Expo, Liz has also written articles for The Cross-Eyed Pianist, The Curious Piano Teachers, Music Teacher Magazine, Practising the Piano and Piano Professional Magazine.

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