Our Curriculum

Encore Music Tuition’s Curriculum has been developed by Liz Giannopoulos, to provide a comprehensive and creative framework for teaching musicianship and the piano.

Our structured curriculum uses a wide range of respected materials and creative teaching strategies for piano lessons to meet core objectives in areas of pianistic technique, listening and internalising, reading notation and playing / performing.

Piano lessons for adults are more self-directed as we develop a programme with realistic goals that fit with demands of day to day life. Coaching for exams and theory tuition is also available.


With music at the heart of every piano lesson, Encore Music Tutors teach students to listen to, respond to and play music. 

"I love teaching music and feel passionately that all children, from all backgrounds should have the opportunity to explore the joy of music making.


Good teachers put music at the heart of every lesson and aim to pass on their skills so that their pupils become musicians in their own right, musically independent of the teacher."

Liz Giannopoulos, CT ABRSM, DipABRSM

Director, Music Tutor & Mentor

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