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Encore Music celebrates 100 student concerts

On Saturday 12 March 2022, Encore Music tutors, students and their families came together at Balham Baptist Church to celebrate the 100th student concert. We’ve come a long way since our inaugural concert on 28 January 2010 when ten children played simple tunes from their very first books. My son James was one of those students and he performed Elton John's Your Song to mark the occasion.

Concerts are traditionally held twice each year, providing Encore Music students with invaluable opportunities to perform to a wider audience. Our last live event was on 1 March 2020 and as the world moved online during the COVID-19 pandemic so too we hosted our student recitals via Zoom. Over the past 12 years, students have performed exam repertoire, special favourites, duets and their own compositions. Our 100th event was no exception.

Whilst performing in the concerts is not compulsory, it is strongly encouraged. I have long held the view that participation motivates goal-oriented practice, gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their talents to inspire their peers and exposes them to the pressures of performing in a friendly and receptive environment. The concerts are an informal affair; siblings are very welcome, although we ask that children in the audience do not distract the performers.

I was delighted by the breadth and diversity of the repertoire and experience on show. Louise and Matthew have been part of Encore Music for over 12 years and everyone was impressed by how far they have come since they were in primary school! I was also thrilled to see the Abbott and Richardson families who have been enjoying our concerts since 2012. Some performers are just beginning their musical journeys, whilst others are preparing to embark on exciting new chapters in their lives.

All our tutors played too and we enjoyed an exquisite performance of Grieg's Butterfly by our newest tutor Gabriel and Katie provided her own arrangement for left hand of Two Origuitas.

Thank you for joining us for this very special landmark.

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