Lessons with Rob Foster take place at Alderbrook Primary School or at your home.

This timetable is for the AutumnTerm 2020 which runs from 7 September to 18 December 2020.

There are no lessons during half term, 26-30 October 2020.

Please note: lesson times are subject to change to allow for appropriate health and safety measures.


13.00-14.30 (rotating)

Eva Rose N

Ben M

Umar I

15.10   Grania M

16.10   Catherine R

16.55   Annabel J

17.35   Rory A

18.05   Lois A

18.50   Amelie B


13.00-14.30 (rotating)

Atticus D

India W

Leo S

Georgia W

15.55   Eveline J

16.35   Daniel A

17.20   William S

18.00   Sofia S

18.45   Emma W

19.30   Matt S (fortnightly)


13.00 - 14.30 (rotating)

Charley C

Wilf N

Eleanor D

16.00   Noah O

16.45   Sebastian A

17.30   Nicole R

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