• Liz Giannopoulos

ABRSM Exams - 26 November 2018

The ABRSM examiner will visit Badminton Road on Monday, 26 November. Please note: if you have been for an exam at Badminton Road before, we have a NEW set up; please DO NOT go upstairs!

  • The front door will be on the latch. There is a waiting area downstairs, and candidates will warm up on the grand piano.

  • Exams will take place in the new studio.

  • Students should arrive 10 minutes before their exam time to warm up with their tutor.

  • Children should bring their exam music but will not need notebooks or sight-reading books.

  • Long hair should be tied back and fingernails should be clean and short.

  • There is no need to dress smartly; clothes should be comfortable and students using the pedal should wear sensible shoes (no boots, high heels, flip flops or sandals please). 

  • There is a residents parking restriction between 1030-1130. I can arrange for a visitor's parking permit for those coming by car; please send me your car registration by 23 November.

with Rob

09.30    Matt (Grade 3)

09.42    Rory A (Prep)

09.52    Wilf (Grade 2)

with Liz

10.04    Sammy (Grade 4)

10.19    Dominic (Grade 1)

10.31    Justine (Prep)

with Laura

10.41    Rory B (Grade 1)

10.53    Milla (Grade 2)

11.05    Hamish (Prep)

with Maddie

11.28    Charles (Grade 3)

with Krystal

11.40    Melis (Prep)

with Liz

11.50    Lois (Prep)

12.02    Suzanne (Grade 2)

12.14    Attie (Grade 1)

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