Our Team

Being a piano teacher giving one to one piano lessons can be a lonely business.

At our Encore Music we recognise the value of sharing ideas and experiences to enrich our teaching. All Encore Music Tutors receive full administrative support (from timetabling to billing), curriculum guidance, exam preparation assistance and ongoing coaching and problem solving.


One-to-one mentoring takes the form of student reviews and planning our piano lessons. Director, Liz Giannopoulos helps to bring alternative, tried and tested, creative solutions to musical challenges. Tutor workshops throughout the year, allow us to work as a team, exploring innovative methods and teaching strategies, discovering new music and continually develop our professional skills.

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Encore Music has proven invaluable for me as a workplace and a support network. As a piano teacher, it has sometimes been hard to find colleagues to discuss problems with, but the Encore workshops provide a forum for us to share ideas, issues and inspiration, all with the expert guidance of Liz at the helm. I had never before fully appreciated the difference it makes to teach in an environment that is so supportive and well-organised, and I have felt my own teaching improve as my students have improved, which has been incredibly gratifying. I would wholeheartedly recommended working or studying with Encore: it is a brilliant set-up for teachers and students alike, and a great environment to work and learn in.

Madelaine Jones - Encore Music Tutor